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Panhellenic Association


The Panhellenic Association exists to foster the promotion of scholarship, philanthropy, and most importantly, community within the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. We believe in empowering our members through continual commitment to giving women the opportunity to grow and lead. Ultimately, we believe in change the culture of the Fraternity and Sorority Life community for the better. We strive to facilitate meaningful relationship building, personal growth, and an inclusive environment for our members. In doing so, we hope to build a strong foundation that will help them succeed in the future.

Inclusion Statement

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison Panhellenic Association strives to build a diverse and inclusive community for all its members as well as within the campus community. The Panhellenic Association at University of Wisconsin-Madison is composed of individuals who identify as a woman in a way that is important to them. We come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, religions, cultural identities, abilities, and gender expressions. We strive to foster community through the promotion of scholarship, philanthropy, and diversity. We aim for our members to be stronger campus community members by empowering them through opportunities to grow, lead, and cultivate positive change. Ultimately changing the culture of the Fraternity and Sorority Life community at University of Wisconsin-Madison for the better.” Adopted Fall 2021


Council Officers

President: Meredith Vohland

VP Judicial Affairs: Ellie Sim

VP Harm Prevention: Alegra Waverley

VP Risk Management: Hailey Rude

VP Recruitment: Kayla Newhouse

VP Community Development: Chloe Jureller

VP Administration: Ily Grinberg

VP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Veronica Sparacio

Director of Recruitment Counselors: Alex Trebil


Primary Recruitment

This mutual selection process is coordinated by the council officers and is designed to allow chapters the opportunity to meet interested women and for potential new members to have the opportunity to meet all of our chapters that participate in Primary Recruitment.  At the start of Primary Recruitment, you will meet your Recruitment Counselor or “RC.”  Recruitment Counselors are current students and members of one of our Panhellenic chapters. During the process, they support you from a neutral stance, ask and answer questions you may have, and serve as your main contact throughout Primary Recruitment.

We have four rounds of Primary Recruitment during the fall. During Round 1, you will visit with all of the NPC chapters. As the rounds go on, you will visit fewer chapters and narrow down your selection. After each round, you will use a program to enter your selections for the next round. Each chapter completes the same process for the women that attended their events that day. For the following round, if you and the chapter mutually select each other, you will receive an invitation back to that chapter. You may receive an invitation to any chapter that you visit during the previous round. Primary Recruitment culminates in Bid Day where we celebrate all of our new members and you get to meet all of your new sisters at each chapter’s Bid Day celebration.

For a one stop shop regarding all things Panhellenic Recruitment, enroll in the Panhellenic Recruitment Canvas Course.

PHA Primary Recruitment Registration

Fall 2024 Primary Recruitment Information: 

  • Registration Closes: Saturday, August 31st
  • Round 1: Sunday, September 1st
  • Round 2: Monday, September 2nd
  • Round 3, Day 1: Thursday, September 5th
  • Round 3, Day 2: Friday, September 6th
  • Preference Round: Sunday, September 8th
  • Bid Day: Monday, September 9th

Informal Recruitment

After Primary Recruitment and during the spring semester, chapters that are eligible to continue to recruit new members may conduct a process known as Continuous Open Bidding (COB).  Not all of our chapters will be eligible to COB.  This informal process is coordinated on a chapter basis, but you can contact Panhellenic to get more information on the chapters that are participating and when they are hosting events.  We also recommend following Panhellenic’s social media to stay connected.

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a STEM professional social sorority and Associate Chapter of PHA. Alpha Omega Epsilon does not participate in the primary recruitment process. To learn more about Alpha Omega Epsilon, check out their Instagram page @a.o.e.wisco.

Fall 2024 Continuous Open Bidding (COB): Eligible chapters will be posted following the primary recruitment period.

Eligible chapters will be announced soon!

Follow the PHA Instagram, @PHA_UWMadison, to stay up to date on Panhellenic!

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment Resources

First Round

This is the most casual round – Panhellenic will provide a T-shirt for you to wear. Feel free to wear whatever comfortable bottoms and shoes you would like. This round takes place indoors at a set location so bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case the building gets cold.

Second Round

On this day, it’s encouraged that women wear a more casual outfit that you might wear to a brunch or afternoon outing. This round is a little more formal than round 1. We encourage you to wear comfortable shoes as this is the first round you will be walking from facility to facility.

Third Round

For the third round, we recommend you continue to wear something similar to what you wore during Round Two. Some women choose to wear a fancier element – shoes, dress, etc., but you do not need to be in semi-formal attire.

Preference Rounds

Preference is the most formal event of Recruitment. Chapter members will be wearing more formal dresses. You’re encouraged to wear semi-formal attire. Continue to wear comfortable shoes or bring comfortable shoes to walk from location to location if you choose to wear heels.

Bid Day

Wear your favorite shorts/skirt and comfortable shoes, and get ready to head to your new home with your new sisters! You will likely get a Bid Day t-shirt from your new chapter, so dress in a way that allows you to change or add something over your outfit.

How much of a time commitment is joining a sorority?

As a new member, your requirements will likely include weekly meetings, sisterhoods, community service projects, and other social events. Most sorority women find plenty of time to balance Fraternity & Sorority Life with their studies, jobs, and other student organizations.

Do Sorority women have friends in other sororities and outside of Fraternity & Sorority Life?

Yes! Joining a sorority does not mean that you have to lose the group of friends that you already hang out with. Many sorority women would agree that some of their best friends are in different chapters from their own or not in Fraternity & Sorority Life at all! Chapters encourage their members to be active on campus in areas outside of Fraternity & Sorority Life, such as intramurals, student government, service organizations, and more.

What if I have a class and have to miss a Recruitment event?

Complete the conflict form you received from Panhellenic to submit your conflicts. We will do our best to adjust your recruitment schedule.

Should I still go through Recruitment if I’m unsure whether Fraternity & Sorority Life is for me or if I’m unsure that I can even afford to pay for membership?

Recruitment is the perfect opportunity for you to explore the Fraternity & Sorority Life Community and see how it could enhance your college experience. It’s a chance for you to decide if being in a sorority is worth the financial investment. We encourage you to participate in Recruitment even if you’re a bit unsure. Talk to the chapters you visit about payment plans and scholarships they offer.

Will I have to live in my sorority’s house?

During Rounds, ask each chapter you visit if they have a live-in requirement. Chapters have different policies regarding if and when their members will live in the chapter house.

Outside of Recruitment events, can I talk to sorority women?

Per NPC, chapter members have the ability to reach out to women who may be interested in the recruitment process via social media, text, or in-person before the primary recruitment rounds begin. Chapter members should not be promoting their own chapter experience in these communications but promoting the Panhellenic experience as a whole. We ask that PNMs and chapter members limit their communication with each other once the primary recruitment rounds begin.

Many NPC organizations have removed legacy status as a component of the primary recruitment process. Recommendations are not required for either of the recruitment opportunities on our campus. If you are interested in submitting a recommendation to one of our chapters, you can find contact information here.

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Phi

Alpha Xi Delta

Chi Omega

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Gamma

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

Sigma Delta Tau

Zeta Tau Alpha

Cost for the 2024-2025 academic year will be posted soon. Disclaimer: These amounts are self-reported by chapters in the summer, for the fall term, and can fluctuate. If you have questions regarding costs we suggest directly contacting the chapter. 


Past Primary Recruitment Financial Information

2021 – 2022 Primary Recruitment Financial Information

2022 – 2023 Primary Recruitment Financial Information