FSL Community Contribution Fee

A $30 FSL Community Contribution Fee will be applied to undergraduates participating in Fraternity & Sorority Life each semester beginning with the Fall 2020 term. This fee supplements the funding provided by campus to employ the FSL Staff, cover operational expenses, and provide programming and education opportunities for fraternity and sorority members. This new model significantly increases the existing staffing levels and elevates Fraternity & Sorority Life to be a campus department, falling within the Leadership & Engagement area of Student Affairs. There is a thoughtful waiver process, and students experiencing financial difficulty are highly encouraged to submit a waiver request. Waivers are due twice a year (July 1 and November 1) for the following semester. Once a waiver application is approved, that student will continue to receive the waiver until graduation. Students may apply for the waiver at any time.

Note: If you are approved for a waiver, the FSL charge will still appear on your account, but there will be another line where you can see the $30 fee removed.