Unrecognized Groups

An “unrecognized” fraternity or sorority is one which chooses to exist “off campus” and does not follow the University of Wisconsin-Madison policies and regulations, or the requirements and policies of their governing council. In many cases, these organizations seem to operate like recognized organizations, but they are NOT affiliated with University of Wisconsin. These organizations do not have any of the privileges recognized organizations have earned. These organizations have had their recognition revoked by the institution for various reasons, including such things as hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, risk management violations, and failure to comply with University policies and expectations.

The Committee on Student Organizations (CSO) has the responsibility for investigating and sanctioning student organizations charged with violations of university, state, or student organization policies. Possible statuses can include: termination, suspension, probation with restrictions. The University recommends that students do not join or participate in any sponsored activity by the listed groups: 

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity

Additionally, the University recommends that students do not join or participate in any sponsored activity by the listed groups. Membership or participation could increase safety concerns for students, as these groups are not accountable to University policies or procedures. Disassociated organizations include:

Theta Chi Fraternity

This link will provide a full list of student organizations not in good standing, including organizations that are suspended or on probation with restrictions. For a full list of the policies and expectations of student organizations, please visit the Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide.

It is important to understand that if you choose to become a part of an unrecognized organization you will never be recognized by the university. If a student chooses to join an unregistered organization, the University cannot and will not support this choice.