The fraternity and sorority community at UW – Madison is always growing.  If  you are interested in starting a new organization, the best place to start is with the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff.

Please use the information below to learn more about starting a new chapter, based on the council that best fits the organization you’re interested in exploring.


The Interfraternity Council is currently exploring amendments to the Expansion process.  Please check back for more information soon!

Here are the steps of the MGC Expansion process.  Please visit the MGC WIN Page for the full bylaws for more details.  Note, Expansion is limited to one organization per semester, with a maximum of two organizations per year.  To learn more about the status of the council’s Expansion opportunities, reach out to the MGC President or Advisor.

  1. Register as a Registered Student Organization.  Details on the requirements and process can be found here.
  2. Submit an application to become a member organization of MGC.  The application can be accessed on the WIN Page.
    1. For fall review, applications must be received by October 1st.
    2. For spring review, applications must be received by February 20th.
  3. The Expansion Committee will evaluate the materials submitted.
  4. Interest Group will present to the Expansion Committee.
    1. This presentation is limited to 20 minutes and should cover the following:
      1. Organizational information
      2. Why the organization is best suited to become part of MGC
      3. Projected contributions to MGC
    2. Following the presentation, there will be time for questions.
      1. Each organization in MGC will be allowed a maximum of three questions.
    3. Within one week of the presentation, the Expansion Committee will vote.
    4. If acceptance is granted, the organization will be part of the council as an associate member while they complete the requirements for installation of active membership.

Membership in NPHC is limited to the nine historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BGLOs) who are properly charted and recognized by the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

If you are interested in NPHC Expansion, please reach out to the NPHC President or Advisor.

There are two processes for growth within the Panhellenic Association: Associate Membership and Provisional/Regular Membership.

Associate Membership allows for local sororities or national or regional non-NPC member organizations to apply for membership within PHA.  If you are interested in Associate Membership in PHA, reach out directly to the PHA President or Advisor for details on the process.

For women interested in adding a new NPC member organization to our community, here is a broad overview of the process.  For more detailed steps, please visit the NPC Manual of Information‘s Extension section.

  1. The Panhellenic Association member organizations vote on a motion to form an Exploratory Committee.  This committee would be responsible for analyzing enrollment and recruitment statistics as well as the needs of the Panhellenic community.  Additionally, they will work with the university regarding the addition of another NPC member organization.
  2. If the vote passes, the Exploratory Committee will be formed and a report of their findings will be presented to the Panhellenic Association member organizations.
  3. The Panhellenic Association votes on the Exploratory Committee recommendation.
  4. If the vote passes, an Extension Committee will be formed and the Panhellenic Association notifies their Area Advisor and NPC Extension Committee chairman. The NPC Extension Committee chairman will be asked to notify NPC member organizations to solicit interest.
  5. Panhellenic Extension Committee reviews the materials submitted and selects organizations to present to the campus community.
  6. Each invited organization will have the opportunity to visit campus; the community will provide feedback.  The Panhellenic Extension Committee will make a recommendation to the Panhellenic Association member organizations.
  7. The Panhellenic Association member organizations will vote and immediately begin working with that NPC member organization on their colonization process.